A good friend from college was traveling from Seattle, back down to Los Angeles, where he's from, for a summer vacation and stopped in Portland to do Portland stuff. He and his girlfriend stayed in my guest bedroom and of course, we did a podcast...


1:00 - Introducing Mark Jacobs and Justine (Justine's IG: missfinancialfitness)

5:20 - Challenges of teaching during COVID.

11:00 - Education competing for kids' attention: Long term planning, finances, and money mindset.

25:30 - We are Diverse as FUCK!

27:40 - Why are friends in my studio?

38:45 - They watched T.V. [documentaries] on Vacation: The Devil We Know and The Pharmacist.

53:40 - I am not a Byatch!

55:30 - Sorry, I have not 5-day fasted yet :(

1:00:45 - Closing Remarks: What to watch out for from us...

Thanks for listening!


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